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Placing an online order

This page is long and full of all the details but ordering is not complicated at all. The bottom line is nothing is recorded about your order until you click on the Finalize button on the payment page. We suggest that you follow your intuition and play with it - we give you the ability to completely empty your shopping cart at any time - and only come back here if you have a problem or don't understand something. Enjoy.

There are three steps to successfully place an online order
  1. Choose the items you wish to purchase
    1. You may use the shopping cart or
    2. the standard ordering form
  2. Fill out the shipping information form
  3. Supply payment information

Important: Inside Track members must login to activate ordering for Inside Track Specials.

Step 1. Choose items to purchase

To choose items you wish to purchase, you may either use the shopping cart, or the standard ordering form.

The shopping cart requires that cookies and Javascript are enabled on your browser. If you do not have both enabled, you will not be able to use the shopping cart. You can still however, use the standard ordering form

Using the shopping cart to choose items
From the drop down list at the top of the screen, choose the product category that you wish to view.

When you make your selection, the list of products in that category will be displayed.

To add an item to your shopping cart, click the button on the product description line. This will add one of the selected product to your cart. You may later change the quantity.
Product list drop down
Once you have placed the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, click anywhere you see it or click on the View/Checkout link shown in the shopping cart summary box.

The following screen will appear:
Shopping cart summary
Shopping cart checkout
From this screen, you may make changes to your order. If you wish to change the quantity of an item, type in the quantity in the Qty column.

If you wish to delete an item from your order, click the checkbox in the column marked on the right and recalculate.

Important: You must click the Recalculate button after making changes to an item's quantity or if you check an item's removal checkbox.

Once you have recalculated any modified items (if needed), click the Continue button. You now proceed to step 2.

Advantages of using the shopping cart to choose items
With the shopping cart, you are able to navigate among any pages of the web site or even other web sites without losing the contents of your shopping cart (within timeout limits).

For instance, you could put an item in your cart, then decide to do some internet research on the item before proceeding. Once you return to Blue Mountain Herbs, your shopping cart is still ready to go.

Using the standard ordering form to choose items
The Standard Order Form provides a simple way to choose products for purchase. When you select Standard Order Form from the main menu or as your login destination, the following screen appears:
Standard Order Form
Click the checkbox next to the item(s) that you wish to purchase. The quantity column will automatically be filled with a value of one (Javascript must be enabled for this to work)

Javascript is not required to use the standard order form. However, it is reccomended that Javascript be enabled; it will make it easier to use the standard order form. When you click on an item's checkbox, the quantity will be automatically filled.

If you don't have Javascript enabled, simply type in the quantity of each item you wish to order.
Once you have selected the items and quantities that you want, click the Checkout button. You now proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Fill out the shipping information form

After selecting items with the standard order form or with the shopping cart, you will be required to enter shipping information regarding your order.

If you are already logged in, the shipping form will be filled out with your name, address, and contact information from our customer database

However, you do not need to be in our customer database to place an order. In that case, type the information into the form before proceeding.

Shipping Fees: Normal Shipping and Handling (USA ONLY) is only
  $4.50 per order for orders up to $10,
  $6.00 for orders between $10 and $20,
  $7.50 for orders between $20 and $100,
  $10.00 for all orders above $100.
For normal shipping, please allow 3 to 5 days for your order to arrive.

Faster USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING may be selected for an additional charge shown on the form.

If you want to change the shipping method, click the desired shipping option and then click the Recalculate button.

Important: Before proceeding, if you change the desired shipping method, you must click the Recalculate button.

When the form is filled out properly and you have recalulcated the shipping method (if needed), click the Continue button. You are now ready to supply payment information.

Step 3. Supply payment information

At this point, no billing action has occurred and nothing has been written to the database. After this step, your credit card will be charged and the order will be placed in our system, ready for processing.

Enter the billing information. If your billing name/address is the same as your shipping name/address, you don't need to change that part of the form.

Use the form to enter your credit card type, credit card number, and expiration date. When ready, click the Finalize button.

Important: This is your last chance to reconsider your order. Once you click the Finalize button, your credit card will be charged and the order will be placed in our system, ready for processing.

Your credit card information is transmitted to Blue Mountain Herbs via an encrypted connection.


Mail Orders

if you would rather submit your order via US mail, follow all the same steps as above until you get to Step 3. Supply payment information. At that point, just click on the Mail Order button instead of the Finalize button. The order information will be presented to you in a format suitable for printing and mailing. When you use mail order, no information is written to the database. Instead, an email is sent to Blue Mountain Herbs describing the order detail.

Signing up for the Inside Track

The advantages of signing up on the customer list are

  • You receive a 10% discount on selected purchases.
  • You obtain access to special monthly offers.
  • You save typing. Your name and address info are filled out automatically.

You can signup here if you want.

If you're an existing customer, you can login here and begin reaping customer benefits.

Final Words

Placing an order is easy, and it will be shipped to you usually within 24 hours. If there's something we can fix, we will fix it, including canceling the order and crediting the amount back to your credit card.

Please call for any help you may need. We appreciate your business!

Don Porter - Owner

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